View Full Version : BG Unit pics.....

05 Oct 06, 16:52
anyone know of a HPS version of the excellent BG unit.bmps w/flags etc. I dont think they (the BG versions) will work with any of the HPS Campaign series.

09 Oct 06, 02:34
There are a number of versions that have modded the 'BG type pics' to the HPS format i.e. you have a waist up figure rather than head and shoulders . David Guegan's and Cobexlaw's mods spring to mind. However they tend to use a slightly smaller area and use a mod to the unit window. I have most of the mods on a disk and can e-mail them if you want.

09 Oct 06, 08:32
tks harlequin, if I cant find them I will let you know and you vcan shoot them to me!!!