View Full Version : Talonsoft 32 bit patches ???

Panama Red
04 Oct 06, 10:40
Could some one please tell me what the main benifit is of adding the 32 bit patches to the older Talonsoft Napoleonic games ???


04 Oct 06, 14:21
Lots of advantages.

First, you get the cavalry counter charge rule which allows your cavalry during the Defense Phase to launch a pre-emptive type charge to block off enemy cavalry that might be threatening your guns, etc.

Second, there is a scenario editor that work with the 32 bit engine. You could then make your own scenarios.

Third, there are other refinements for the games offered in the 32 bit engine. More optional rules I believe.

Check it out. Its worth the time to download and install.

Most everybody plays with the 32 bit version so if you are looking for a game with someone 32 bit is the way to go.

Panama Red
04 Oct 06, 15:17
Sgt Rock:
Thank you, that is what I wanted to know and will install them tonight.:D

12 Oct 06, 20:30
When I did it on NIR, Continuous AI mode didn't work anymore....