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27 Sep 06, 15:33
Ok, dove right off into a Wagram camp (1809 On to Vienna) and I choose the hist. advance option and boom did I draw a bear off a battle to start off with. Got most of my Lt. Battalions shot up/disordered (and even a couple of routs) trying to evict the Austrias from Ebelsberg and that freakin walled ciy :cry: . I guess I have taken about 1300 casulties thru 7 turns and still aren't thru ......is this excessive and am I missing something in assaulting a walled city??? Of course you are not really given much leeway in that you start out right there face to face with enemy (albiet a routed unit) but he has plenty behind him and the walls!

PS..........finally have some arty in position to start helping out.

Gary McClellan
27 Sep 06, 16:16
There's a variation of that scenario where you get troops coming up the enemy side of the river a bit later. Check and see if you have any reinforcements over there.

Otherwise, river crossings just aren't fun or easy.

Your best bet is to live up to my sig.

Line up your guns and blast.

27 Sep 06, 19:56
I believe in EVERY version of this one the French get reinforcements that come on later to the SW across the river.

The key to this one is PATIENCE. You will NOT blow your way through the city. Wait until you can get up some units. You might be able to wipe out a few of the Austrians before they release but getting out is impossible unless the AI just plain blows it.

The key is to use a multidirectional attack on the austrians many of whom are FIXED.

Let us know how this one develops. I am interested to hear if the AI actually can stop you from winning. Note on High Walls - look for GATES. They will allow you to exit the city.

27 Sep 06, 20:46
Mass the French artillery on the river bank to the right of the bridge and fire on the Austrians defending the gate and the fort. Attack through the city on your left flank. Do not push beyond the city until the reinforcements from the southwest are in a position to attack.

27 Sep 06, 21:12
Correction. The artillery would be on the French left flank and you attack the city to the right of the gate and fortress. See attachment.

28 Sep 06, 07:31
Mass the French artillery on the river bank to the right of the bridge and fire on the Austrians defending the gate and the fort. Attack through the city on your left flank. Do not push beyond the city until the reinforcements from the southwest are in a position to attack.

tks Wlh...........I had started a second camp. and sure enough got this variant again....thats the plan I came up with......sent the Lt. battalions left (from Austrian perspective) up to the wall and have the line inf. inside the city itself....got 3 batteries (so far with more moving into position) of guns across river that can easily shell his 2 remaining batteries to the right on the high ground plus a battery of horse arty with the Lt. batt. on the left. Heavy cav in covered position inside of walls with reinf. Inf ready to cross river when the SW reinf. arrive in about an hour.....you have to wait until they (SW reinf.) attack or its suicide...........the Austrians have a sh**load of batteries on the high ground just outside the city plus plenty of inf and cav and you will get mowed down for sure!!! Q...........should I now deploy some skirmishers from my Lt Battalions whilst I wait for the flank attack troops to arrive?????

28 Sep 06, 20:38
heres the situation at 12:30 as reinforcements (some Lt Cav) just hitting SW map edge......in firm control of Ebelsberg proper and 2 gates to begin the breakout as soon as flanking forces from SW get in position. Screen attached.

28 Sep 06, 20:51
I have found that taking the town of Ebelsberg leaves the two infantry divisions a spenf force. The reinforcements from the southwest should attack the hill from the rear with a small force attacking up the road. Once they are engaged attack out of town on the main road (the one that goes to the bridge) with the cavalry.

29 Sep 06, 07:17
oh they are Bill (only have 3 battalions that arent disorged).........infact I need rotate a couple of battalions to rear next turn.........but Hvy Cav is waiting in town and I should have sufficient forces in another couple of turns to start hitting his SW flank, he is pretty shot up right in front of town also!

29 Sep 06, 20:47
Breif situation report 3:00PM May 3, 1809...........as you can see the flanking force has arrived and is formed/forming up behind a nice skirmisher line....as the brigades have arrived I have taken one Lt. Batt. and converted it to skirmishers......is this nuts or am I onto something......anyways I have several fresh battalions in Ebelsberg that are fixing to begin the breakout........I have 1100 pts (French minor) with 5 turns to go can I get it to major....time will tell!

29 Sep 06, 22:32
If this was a campaign game, the focus would be on destroying Austrian artillery because the Austrians have more of it and it played a major role in the French failure at Aspern-Essling.

30 Sep 06, 12:39
Well, as you will see Bill by biding your time and waiting for the flanking forces of Massena to get there the AI has a hard time in stopping the French......decimated his arty also destroying or capturing 89 guns!!! On to Vienna..........now do I do the Lobau Is thing or possibly the Northern alt....dont really like the sound of the Southern alt. :crosseye:

30 Sep 06, 14:32
Each of the crossings has its advantages and disadvantages. The ease or difficulty will depend upon the Austrian deployment. The Austrians can deploy their forces on one of the crossings, spread their forces to cover all three crossings, or deploy further back. If you cross and run into the first option, it will be very difficult. The Florisdorf crossing offers the most rapid advance to the heights, the Lobau crossing offers the most flank security, and the southern option will have the lowest chance of running into a full Austrian deployment.

30 Sep 06, 15:15
Well Bill I have chosen Lobau Is........why argue with a military genius :laugh: . Looks like I drew the one where they are expecting me further south.......am deploying my "cloud of skirmishers" from my initial crossing and will post further reports!

30 Sep 06, 20:06
Good job. Situation looking good for you.

II Corps has a tough go of it but Massena's men generally can push the Austrians back with no problem.

02 Oct 06, 20:58
Well the variant I drew was probably the best......total surprise no Austrians to contest my intial crosssing...........as stated in earlier post nearest "visable" enemy was on SW end of map. First contact with Charles troopd came from NW & North.

1, 2 & 4th Div from Lannes Wing have taken up defensive positions running along high ground outside of Aspern & Essling which fell easily. Guard is moving to finish investing Gross Enzerdorf which my Skirmish patrols have already taken.......Guard Cav will patrol to SE & NE from there.

Davot's 3rd Corps is fixing to cross from Lobau Is. and will take up positions SW & S of Aspern. Marshall Massena will then take up positions just S & SE of Asp/ Ess. to take up offensive during next phase of operations.........

As of 1230 hrs May 21, 1809 (19 of 120 tuns) the glorious forces of the Emp Napoleon have inflicted 2800 casulties and 8 artillery pieces on the forces of Charles while losing a mere 80 men.........!!!!