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25 Sep 06, 19:28
Alright, Wagram & Waterloo arrived today :D !!!!! Couple of Q's on the special usage(s) of sapper co's (use in traditional fashion I guess for undermining fortifications/walls ???) and jager battallions??? Sorry for such newb questions but new to this Napoleonic thing!!!!:smoke:

25 Sep 06, 23:32
Bridge repairs only in this engine.

Jager bns usually are LIGHT INF which can deploy multiple skirmishers. Some armed with rifles for extra range.

26 Sep 06, 18:58
More in-depth info on these units is in the Help files.

I wont go into too much detail on the units but basically a Pioneer/sapper unit can repair a bridge.

Move the unit next to the bridge, make sure its facing the bridge and btw it doesnt have to be at the EXIT or ENTRANCE to the bridge ... just NEXT to it.

Then select the unit, pulldown the Command menu and pick Toggle Bridge Repairing. The unit will have a REPAIRING text appear across it to indicate its status. On your next player phase you will see in the pre-turn report that the bridge regained a certain amount of points.

Note: there is random bridge damage in several of the Wagram scenarios. Makes sure you check the Parameter Data info for the scenario for this variable. It can be as low as 0 meaning no points lost per bridge per turn OR a number means that EACH bridge hex is checked randomly and if it fails the test (gets whacked) then damage is assessed to it based on a random number between 1-x where x is the Random Bridge Damage number. In the May scenarios its pretty severe.

You can always check on the value of the bridge each turn by just clicking on the hex and looking at the Info portion of the screen.

As you learn to move the units be careful you dont accidentally pull the engineer away from its task.

I highly suggest you read as much of the Help files as possible. It will REALLY help you to better understand the games.


Bill Peters
Wagram Scenario Designer