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25 Sep 06, 07:25
on some winning Napoleonic tactics????? Have been playing some of the HPS ACW Campaign series and have experience on that level going back to the old SPI Terrible Swift Sword/Bloody April days........anyway to the point, I have taken the plunge into the Napoleonic era with Wagram & Waterloo due here today me hopes :nuts: . I have read the article section and it appears that the tactics are basically the same (avoid chateau's if you can :D ) since ACW tactics were an extension of Napy tactics. Any further advice or differances I may have missed! tks The Capt.

25 Sep 06, 08:27
The best advice I can give you to improve your Napoleonic game is to play Gary McClellan. :laugh:

I always feel like Nappy himself when 'Little Mac' and I cross sabers. :p

(Well if that doesn't get Gary sending me a challenge I guess nothing will. hehehe....)

BTW, I think the last time Gary and I played he whupped my behind good! ;)

25 Sep 06, 08:36
Hard to answer with a short post...so many facets...

But there are more articles on this page that haven't been brought over to the articles section above - so you might want to read them:


26 Sep 06, 19:20
Here are some sound tactics to help you from getting wiped out most of the time.

1. Know the Movement rates of the units. This will save your flank from being turned. Also will help you to know how far you can go. While there isnt a reachable hexes type feature for our series (hope to see that one day) after awhile you get used to just how far the units can or cannot move. Dont forget to add in change of facing or formation change. Get used to checking the Parameter Data found by selecting Help from the menu and then Parameter Data.

2. Know the fire ranges of each unit type. Again all of this is found in the Parameter Data. Get used to how much you will lose (it varies but you get used to it after a bit) from a 12lb at 2 hexes vs. at 10 hexes. Quite a bit different you will find!

3. Line of Sight - always be on the lookout for great locations where you cant station you men for maxium visibility. This will help you avoid being wiped out or to locate great artillery fire locations.

4. Melees - expensive at times. Get to know that there is going to be some times when you will lose what you will think should have been an automatic victory. The bakers and candlestick makers sometimes grab a musket and help put up a great defense! Try out alot of assaults before you take on an opponent.

5. Use combined arms. Get the infantry to form square by moving cavalry nearby (in OPEN/Clear type hexes of course - watch out for the BUILDING hexes as they negate the cavalry bonus as does other terrain) them and then bring up the guns and infantry. If they move out of square charge them. If they stay put then blow them away. Of course your opponent may bring up cavalry in order to drive yours away. Rock, paper, scissors.

6. Leaders are KEY to disorder recovery. While the Disorder recovery rule looks difficult just know that keeping your commanders in range of each other will give the lower echelon leader (brigade usually) a huge bonus to pass on to his units that are disordered. I dont know of any one single thing that will help you more than this tip - keep your leaders and units in range. When they are detached they will not gain the bonuses from the upper echelon.

7. Supply wagons - keep these safe. If a militia unit runs out of ammo move it away from the wagon so that it doesnt keep your Old Guard infantry from gaining resupply. Wagons are not tied to an organization so you can pretty much get supply from any wagon in your army. Note: a Prussian wagon will not resupply a Anglo-Allied unit.

8. Cavalry - these can charge and gain a 3x benefit but cavalry are weak after the first victory. You can continue on but get to know what works and what doesnt work. Going over a stone wall is not a good idea or a stream. Cavalry work best in OPEN terrain. Note that disordered cavalry will be worth 2/3 on defense but 1/3 on offense. Attacking disordered cavalry with fresh cavalry is a good option. Attacking a square using your own disordered cav is not!

9. Infantry formations - line column square. Also skirmishers. Get to know which one will give you the most bang for the buck. Lines seem to work best as if you do lose on the defense you still face the front. I try and only use a column where the line would end up being disordered by moving it up to the enemy lines. Examples are big village fights like you will see in Ligny or Wagram/Aspern-Essling or Quatras Bras. Line puts out the most firepower but just cant move as far. Columns are great for boogying down the road or getting into the rear of your opponent.

10. Historical usage is always best. The commanders did things a certain way but by the end of the wars they were pretty adept at the use of the forces (well Ney and others are the exception and certainly Napoleon was slipping). Study the tactics of the period. While there is some gamey stuff you can do in order to WIN we are working on a couple of these at present and they will become a thing of the past.

Practice against the AI a bit and when you are ready for a test PBEM game I will take you on. I am not on the ladder but love to help new folks get used to the games. Contact me either on this board or by email at:




Bill Peters
Wagram Scenario Designer

27 Sep 06, 07:12
tks for the advice guys!!!!

Gary McClellan
28 Sep 06, 00:21
Playing me may improve one's record, but it hardly improves their ability to fight in a Napoleonic Manner.

The order is like this, worst to best.

Random Die Roll
Gary McClellan
Thinking Human Being
Paco Palomo

I did see your attempts to bait me into a battle. Tell you what, i'm leaving for the better part of 2 weeks on Monday.

When I get back, I'll slap you around so hard that you'll think that you were that Oregon replay official caught in Norman.

28 Sep 06, 00:51
"I'll slap you around so hard that you'll think that you were that Oregon replay official caught in Norman."

hehehehe... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHA...

Thanks, Gary I can always use a good laugh. :laugh: