View Full Version : Do you replay scenarios?

Mike Cox
23 Sep 06, 17:18
I am just curious. When you look at games like ASL, people play many scenarios several times. This allows strategies to develop. I am currently playing Emboscada from A@W with Mini and Jeff Conner from another club. I am itching to play it again as the ambushee.

23 Sep 06, 17:36
I don't, but I really should....

Edit: I misunderstood the question. I thought this was about watching the replays. :o

As for replaying a scenario, I like to mirror sometimes if the scenario is a good one.

23 Sep 06, 21:30

if an opponent wants to play it. sometimes I have no choice-I have played all scenarios for TOD,VN, and Korea and am working thur rest with various people.

24 Sep 06, 08:28
I'm always up for playing a scenario more than once, unless its grossly unbalanced...then I might make a variant of it and play that! More often then not I'll let me opponent pick what we play.

29 Sep 06, 12:29
Because I'm still somewhat inexperienced, I like to play things I've played before, espeically against a much superior opponent. Gives us both, I think, a better game.

I recently played the same ES Scenario, Bloody Night, with two different people about 3-4 turns off from each other (they knew that I was doing this, just to not seem like it was 'gamey', especially for the second player). It allowed me to correct some of my initial mistakes (the 2nd game was against someone a bit more advanced than the first) and see how two different people play the same game. I wound up in a Draw on both, mainly due to losing my armor. It was quite fun, and I did see quite a difference in strategy between the two.

That being said, there are a lot of scenarios I haven't played in all the games, so I'm slowly winding my way around them.