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03 Sep 06, 18:21
Started a new thread for ease of reading. :D

I just sent this mail out to the list...so time to get your next games rolling gents!


Ok, we're ready for round 2. The pairings have been posted on the Tourney page, here:


I simply paired the top two players against each other all the way down. Will do the same for round 3.

Scored Ed & Shawn's games as a double major victory for Shawn...will adjust the points if its found to be otherwise. So far it has him in first place right now.

So fire it up gentlemen, and enjoy!


Mike Cox
03 Sep 06, 22:20
Thanks Rich!

Bring me the head of General Sands!

Good luck all. Have fun

Joao Lima
04 Sep 06, 03:35
Sorry to be like this, but I'm again paired with Lucas Kling like in round 1...

04 Sep 06, 10:28
Sure enough...ooops! Sorry about that! :shock:

Check the pairings now...I have rearranged things a bit.

I mess up on anyone else? :eek:

Joao Lima
04 Sep 06, 13:30
Thanks Rich.

Shotgun Messiah
05 Sep 06, 17:34
If'n you all get a fall out during this round I would be glad to step in, I have been known to play this game from time to time. Kinda familiar with it so to speak.Heck I would even join this ladder.
Let me know I am chompin at the bit

lezgo killemall
05 Sep 06, 19:27
i havent gotten my 2d rd games underway yet rich, and would be more then willing to let the messiah step in to play those games in my place.

05 Sep 06, 20:46

If you have Pacfic War then you are welcome to step in for Ed...I know his plate is pretty full with games now, so he doesn't mind loosing a couple. :D

I'll update the pairings to reflect the change when I get the chance.

Shotgun Messiah
06 Sep 06, 13:20
Thank you all...
I will make the appropriate measures happen then, ( join, insure my updates are correct. etc) Paulinski I think is the opponent, Unwelcome Visitors the scn?
I will whip it out and begin...

Shotgun Messiah
09 Sep 06, 23:33
I have sent the files to paulinski, but have yet to hear from him, does he have a alternate email address?

10 Sep 06, 08:40
Paulo seems to have a lot going on these days, newly married and all, but he should reply. Give it a couple of more days, and if you haven't heard anything I'll try to track him down.

You can also use the Private Message system of the forums, incase your e-mails are being blocked for some reason.

Shotgun Messiah
12 Sep 06, 15:45
Yes I have gotten my first files from him so we are off and runnin