View Full Version : Solution for non rallying independent Skirm cos

02 Sep 06, 11:10
I've been playtesting a new scenario, oob, pdt which I've designed for Ligny/Quatre Bras. Annoyed at the inability of independent skirmish companies to rally, I found a solution that any scenario designer can use.
Have them as "S" skirmish companies in the original oob. Place them on the map, either present or as scheduled reinforcements. Then go back to the oob file and change them to "V" light batalions. Whether on map, or coming on as reinforcements, they now become Light skirmish companies, which no longer need to be within range of their non existant parent batalions to rally!

Gary McClellan
02 Sep 06, 15:29
I'm pretty sure that Rich plans to fix this in the next patch... and I'd be really leery of modding oob files. You're liable to run into all sorts of neat conflicts in pbem games with players who don't have the mod you are discussing.

Edit: Ok, I misunderstood slightly... this is an original oob.. not a modded one.

In any case, Rich should have this fixed in the stocks fairly soon.

02 Sep 06, 16:34
I actually made the oob change during second playtest while I had the Prussians. I changed the oob file and sent a copy to my PBEM opponent, No problem at all, for those who dont mind digging into the oob file.
Any other changes in the works for the next patch?

Gary McClellan
02 Sep 06, 16:41
Aside from that and scenario fixes, I'm not entirely sure on what else will be in there. I'm not positive, but it's possible that the next patch won't come out unil the next game comes out. That's the typical pattern, that a patch follows new games so that the new features are incorporated.

03 Sep 06, 08:36
I am actively working on the next round of patches and this situation has been addressed in the engine...so an "official" fix is not far down the road. :)