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23 Aug 06, 10:11
New to this Game and had a Terrain Box question. Does Embank have any effect on movement or combat. Cant seem to find answer in the INGame Help file.



Gary McClellan
23 Aug 06, 10:29
All righty, it does a few things first of all, notice many (or even all, I'd have to look) embankments go "one way"...if you right click a hex on one side, it won't show the embankment, but it will on the other (generally the lower side)

Combat: It's a -10% Fire modifier to fire or melee over an embankment hexside. Note, this is on top of the already exisiting -10% modifier for firing (or meleeing) up a terrain level, so it is often more like -20%

Movement, it's also disrupting Terrain. That is to say, moving a cav unit across an embankment -or- moving an infantry unit in line formation will automatically disrupt that unit. I'm also pretty sure it's just plain banned to move cannon across it. It's also more expensive, but I don't recall how many points it is. Look in the parameter data for that info.

23 Aug 06, 17:03
That was a fast anwser. :surprise: Thanks for the Information. You the man.

Mike Cox
23 Aug 06, 17:05
You know what would be really helpful (actually for any Tiller game - EAW, SB especially) would be a 3d view in the help manual ala ASL's terrain rules.

For example: on the section on gullies, they show a map hex with a gully through it and then a 3D drawing of what the hex actually looks like. I get things like embankment. escarpment, etc confused more often than I should.