View Full Version : Last Chance for Original Printing

Pat Proctor
23 Nov 03, 14:21

I am giving a heads up to everyone on the forums before Shrapnel Games makes the official release.

I have some good news and I have some good news.;)

There are less than 25 copies of the original release printing of BCT Commander remaining. This original release printing contains the complete, 120+ page printed manual.

BCT Commander has been so successful, that Shrapnel Games is already working on a second print run. However, this next run will be in a DVD-sized case with a manual of reduced length (the manual will still be present, electronically, on the CD).

The good news is that the price will be reduced. The final price has not been decided on, but the number being batted around is under $30US.

So the good news is, there are still a few copies left of the original version, with full length manual.

And the *more* good news is that, if you have been waiting to purchase BCT Commander because of the price tag, the price is about to go down.

Thank you to everyone who has made this game so successful. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and support of our fans.

P.S. This in no way affects Armored Task Force. ATF will continue to be sold in its original form, with full-length manual.