View Full Version : Can someone explain how I can avoid having all my French Reserve Art Units Detached?

13 Aug 06, 20:09
I am playing Braine_le_Comte and everytime I move the reserve artillery I end up with them detached. Now I can only find the Corps commander in the org without the subordinate commander.

What am I doing wrong?:o

Thanks in advance :cool:

14 Aug 06, 12:11
Are they always detached as soon as you move them? In most scenario's you move them and they are detached the next turn.

Is my game corrupted some how or does this happen to everybody?


Gary McClellan
14 Aug 06, 13:45
I imagine that Rich can give a better answer, but in short from:

The real problem is that there generally aren't any artillery leaders, and as such, there isn't any mechanism to keep them from being detached.

BUT: With one exception, detached status isn't a big deal. The unit fires just as well, still draws artillery ammo from the common pool and the like (it's Isolated Status that can give issues). The only exception is that if artillery should happen to get disrupted, then you can have a headache getting it back to good status.

That said, it's a fairly rare problem in the Napoleonic games (as opposed to the ACW games where it's an ongoing headache)

14 Aug 06, 14:03
Thankyou. :D

14 Aug 06, 17:00
Yep, Gary hit it on the head...I've played quite a few games in Waterloo though and haven't had an issue with it myself.

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