View Full Version : Forrest Fights! (Campaign Shiloh)

Mad Cow
13 Aug 06, 04:11
So this is why I wanted the Shiloh game. The notorious legend Nathan Bedford Forrest rides again, probing the Union south of Nashville.

It is April Fools Day, 1862. My objective is to take three bridges crossing a river. Nothing is known of what Union presence, if any, will be found there.

The troopers head out and capture the objectives. While my strongest regiments secure the bridgehead on the other side, I send one small troop north to guard a low spot in the river and deny the enemy a place to flank my river line to the north.

I send two battaltions mounted along the road to the east to scout for the enemy. In a shot of great luck my scout units come across a limbered artillery unit and a command unit, it is none other than General McClernand himself. The troopers took advantage of the huge Union mistake and attack and capture the General. His division is still coming up and it's leader has been snatched by the Rebel riders and taken back across the river. I pull the scouts back and continue setting up my forces and my artillery.

The Union troops approach in two forces. One brigade attempts to attack the shallow crossing and a fierce fight developes. I have one regiment there supported by artillery and a battalion of troopers dismounted. They are able to hold the crossing in savage fighting.

Just south of that I cross most of my units, including my best regiments to the other side of the river. I set up a line and bring up more artillery. Eventually the rest of the Union force heads towards them, but never really makes much contact. The Union artillery never comes close enough to make its presence felt.

The Union force on northern fight eventually routs due to lack of ammo and constant artillery pounding. Dusk comes and the fighting stops before ever really picking up.

Outcome: Confederate minor victory.

Scenario thoughts: Nice small scenario, excellent for beginners. However, its a little short, maybe too short to really get a lot of fighting in. The Union force could have given me a serious run for my money. I don't know how much of their problem was from their division commander being captured or just bad AI.

Anyways, fun stuff.