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09 Aug 06, 21:59
An interesting article at the wargamer:

http://www.wargamer.com/articles/campaign_wagram_miniature_perspective/ (http://www.wargamer.com/articles/campaign_wagram_miniature_perspective/)

11 Aug 06, 17:43
Have to say that I really enjoy Colonel Bill's writings on the napoleonic period. Not only does he know a lot about the subject, but he gets the information across in a very interesting and relaxed way. The articles he wrote to go along with the launch of Cossacks 2 game, explaining the ins and outs of napoleonic warfare and the diferences between the types of units (with their respective uniforms) was 5-star material!

I wished he contributed to the site more often, because his articles always make me learn something more about the Napoleonic era.


12 Aug 06, 04:43
Bill's article was very interesting to read and also led me to come up with an alternate way of playing the games.

Using the Scenario Editor and an umpire or two the units would be placed and moved IN the editor.

Cavalry could wheel before a charge, etc. Anything you think the game should be you could implement using the editor.

It has LOS capability. You can decrease the strength. You can even have road columns if you add in units to the OB. Basically add a second unit for bns. over 500 men or so.

You could intermix cavalry and infantry if you liked cause you can undisorder them after you place them in the same hex.

Cavalry moving over hedges could reorder in the next turn.

I havent come up with a set of rules yet but this would be ONE way to play a Napoleonics battle using the existing map sets from each game and using a custom OB.

It also could be used by an umpire to help set up a miniatures game.

I played miniatures for 12+ years. Melee, Empire II and III as well as a friend's house rules which I thought were good.

Reading the article brought back alot of memories.