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27 Jul 06, 22:25
Greetings! I am a TAOWaolic since 1998, but I am new to online game. The release to TAOW3 and also learning that people play Campaign Series online or by e-mail was the kick in the pants I needed. I joined the TAOW ladder also, but I am not exactly sure how to find opponents. Obviously is a tournament is going on, join it.But otherwise? Duuuh. Any tips for the clueless? :rolleyes:

For the bio stuff...52 years old, Chemist, Rock (60-70's) Guitarist :nuts: and grnerally get stomped by the AI (or Elmer). I'm hoping to have fun, learn a bit more about TAOW skills, and flaunt my military/geopolitical knowledge of WW2. Oh yeah, I THINK I AM FUNNY, but my online sense of humour is not caustic or offensive. At most I like to stir the pot (unless someone makes a negative remark about Led Zepplin [see the part about Rock Guitarist]).

Thanks for letting me join the group. Expect a LOT of dumb, NOOB, questions for the first few months.

Tom OC:)

28 Jul 06, 05:04
Hey welcome by all means. Don't be shy and ask whatever question that crosses your mind. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers (indulged a lot in the latter myself :D), so fire away.

Opponents? Just drop a line here (http://www.xtreme-gamer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=10) and you should find aplenty, even in the midst of summer. You've probably noticed there's a TOAW 3 workshop going on to help newcomers to the game get in gear, with the help of seasoned veterans. You'll probably find it worth reading through the various threads dedicated to it.

Led Zeppelin? Isn't that the German WWII aircraft carrier which wreckage has just been found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea? :devious:
*hides away while putting his flamesuit on*