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25 Jul 06, 08:57
Hello,My Name Is John and I just joined this forum after following the link provided by Double Deuce that I found in the intel forum & SPWAW depot.I only started playing PC games about a year ago when I finally got a computer and discovered the world of the internet.I started playing wargames in the 70s when I learned Red Star/White Star while on border duty on the former East German border @ Camp Coburg.From there I mostly played Avalon Hill games,such as Squad Leader,Panzer Blitz/Leader,etc.I really enjoy winSPMBT,winSPWW2 and SPWAW.

Dr Zaius
25 Jul 06, 14:26
Welcome to the forums. A lot of gamers hang out here, so I'm sure you'll find opponents and lots of people to talk to. Enjoy.

Double Deuce
25 Jul 06, 14:43
Welcome to SZO Scout32. Looking forward to see you contributing to the SP section as well as the other areas.

27 Jul 06, 00:33
Welcome aboard Scout32! I am sure that you will find plenty of helpful people and good opponents around here.