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23 Jul 06, 23:23
My name is Dave, and I was a wargamer. Sorry to start out this way, but to be honest, I am here to sell my stuff. I started wargaming a long time ago, in the 60s, with Stratego, Risk, and a few others. Advanced into Avalon Hill hex counter games, then into PC wargaming.
Its been a hell of a lot of fun, and I've met via the internet a bunch of great folks. My interests have changed over time, and I'm not interested in wargaming anymore. Everything has been sitting in boxes collecting dust for several years, So the old collection is going away. I've posted in the trading/sales area, if anyone is interested in checking out my stuff.

If anyone here recognizes my name, I just want to say you've all given me a great deal of gaming pleasure over the years, and a lot of conversations on newsgroups, and many of the old wargaming sites on the net.

Thanks for the memories :cry:

24 Jul 06, 12:09

Sorry to see you leaving the hobby but I understand that people's tastes and hobbies change over the years. I hope you find good homes for your wargame collection.


28 Jul 06, 10:12
Sorry to see you go as well...I've got lots of interest, but Wargaming is something that has stuck with me over the years.

Anyway, if you want to try and seel your stuff post in this forum: