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18 Jul 06, 13:35

The mod for Eagles Strike that Ozgur posted about in another thread has been released...you can get it here:



Ozgur Budak
18 Jul 06, 15:16
Here are some snaps from the mod:


Joao Lima
18 Jul 06, 17:08
It looks good, but I would prefer counters without any numbers on it since the numbers are irrelevant as they don't reflect the units, also in some units info box no picture is displayed. But all in all it's a good effort, is this work in progress os is it concluded?

Ozgur Budak
18 Jul 06, 18:26
Just noticed some scenarios have blank infoboxes. I didnt understand what was the reason. So I am going to upload the "Units" file I am currently working on. I was keeping it until I finish the French Italian etc troop art. This is a work in progress guys. You can play all standart ES scenarios but not ES_Allied mod. Will inform you when I upload the correct zip.
I love the numbers and icons on counters. Thus I intentionally placed them. Just different tastes.

Ozgur Budak
19 Jul 06, 08:52
Here is the updated files' link:

http://www.geocities.com/pop807/ES_Boardgame_Contours.zip (updated)

Rich. Could you replace the link in your message.

Please tell me if anyone find any errors.

19 Jul 06, 18:13
Updated! :cool:

19 Jul 06, 18:25
Thanks a lot Ozgur. Great mod.

18 Aug 06, 12:08
Looks an awful lot like...Ln'L.

Ozgur Budak
18 Aug 06, 17:17
Looks an awful lot like...Ln'L.

Art is from LnL