View Full Version : What was your first Napoleonic Computer Game?

Gary McClellan
15 Jul 06, 14:09
A few years back, I was in touch with Frank Hunter (at the time, he was working on 1806) for an "interview" for the Napoleonic Wargame Club. In any case, along the exchange of emails we discovered that we'd both played the early, early SSI Computer Game "Napoleon's Campaigns: 1813 & 1815."

So, what was the very first computerized Napoleonic Wargame you played? I'll try to list a few of the likely ones for the poll, but I'm sure I'll forget some, there's been a number.

Edit: Fixed name of the game to Napoleon's Campaigns: 1813 and 1815... my memory must be going :clown:

15 Jul 06, 23:09
I have to be honest and say that the HPS games were the first Napoleonic computer games I ever played.


16 Jul 06, 08:35
It was a Waterloo game not sure of the name or make of it :argh: but it was for my Commodore 64 and that is going back to the early mid 80's. :cool:
Apart from that it would have to be Dr. Peter Turcan's Waterloo and Borodino for my Amiga.:horse:

Here is the Peter Turcan one:

Mike Cox
19 Jul 06, 12:25
While it was Battles of Napoleon, my favorite were the American War of Independence mods that Novastar put out. I also started hacking around with oob's at that time...

24 Jul 06, 12:27
Fields of Glory.

Really liked the game at the time. Lots of fun running down French infantry!

Von bert
03 Aug 06, 10:24
yeah.. i remember "fields of glory" too..
nice one..

but before that i had a very complex one..
WATERLOO..with 3dlandscapes.. and troops depicted with green boxes.. maybe the game was with just 16 coulours.. i dont remember..
just that i had to write ORDER for the whole army in full text.. and in english.. so.. i didnt play it for long.. :p

21 Oct 06, 12:27
Talonsoft Waterloo followed up by Napoleon in Russia and Prelude...still use 'em all today.

Got into HPS when I joined the clubs, a little Strategy First, and now some Matrix.