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Mike Letus
13 Jul 06, 18:27
Just joined up. My gaming time is limited to ACW games. I've been with the ACW Game Club for several years now, though for the past 6+ months I've been living a real life with no computer at all. (I've gotten much better on the saxophone and actually recognize my wife when she walks by!!!) But--that all came to an end when we got another machine and Debi insisted that we go on-line so she could find some answers to crossword puzzles. It's nice to be back.

28 Jul 06, 10:09
Glad to have you mike, and looking forward to our match at Gettysburg!

Double Deuce
28 Jul 06, 10:42
Welcome Mike. Looking forward to seeing you around here. Maybe we can expand your wargaming interests. :smoke: