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06 Jul 06, 12:50
I have experimented with scenario editor (Wagram and Waterloo). My question is:

Why are you limited to Attack Extreme, Attack, No order, Defend, or Defend Extreme?

In order to get the units to advance down a road you have to create very narrow axis of advance and use attack extreme.

I think there should be an option for road movement, road movement be prepared for contact, or retreat. The script could allow for the unit(s) being moved to either go to line or square formations.

The scripts are a very powerful tool that with more options could allow the development of many actions within one scenario.

08 Jul 06, 13:52
Bill - yes, the AI orders and abilities for the series is limited. We are hoping that one day (soon) John will cut the A/I programmer he has recruited (who worked on First Blitzkrieg) loose on the Napoleonic series.