View Full Version : HPS for Franco-Prussian War

27 Jun 06, 00:15
Maybe this isn't the best forum for this, but has HPS given any thought to a Franco-Prussian War module. It seems that the whole war could be done in one module. Really the last of the Napoleonic type uniforms, good infantry weapons, and some fun scenarios.

Gary McClellan
27 Jun 06, 00:20
I'm reasonably sure that the idea has been brought up to them at a number of points in the past. That said, HPS's standard policy is to say nothing until the game is out (or very, very close to it in some circumstances).

So, I'd imagine the best answer you'll get for this one is a decided... "we cant' say"

27 Jun 06, 01:06
Gary is correct. I seriously doubt you will be able to get any type of definitive answer out of the folks at HPS.


27 Jun 06, 07:03
Ditto :hush: :D

29 Jun 06, 14:22
I note that Cherper wasnt looking for a definitive answer. He was just wondering if we had considered this war as a topic for a game and I can answer that:

We have considered EVERY major and many minor wars as a topic for a game.

Anything from the Pelleponesian War (and ancients in general) to anything that is modern. Falklands Islands game, etc.

"consider" is not the same as "are you producing"

Thus to avoid sounding too NSA'ish to you Cherper we would love to do games on every major period of history. I would love to work on an ancients game as well as several other areas of personal interest.

Perhaps somewhere down the line we can get into a few more historical periods. For now we dont want to broaden our horizons too much as we have some fine game systems out there already and we continue to spend alot of time on past projects, making them better for our customers, which does take away from out ability to branch out to new horizons.