View Full Version : Your Favorite Napoleonic Unit

26 Jun 06, 01:56
I posted this poll some time back in the Napoleonic Wargame Club forum. Would love to hear from you guys on this forum. Which unit of the Napoelonic wars is your favorite.

I lean towards the Tir. du Po. Also like the Pavlov Grenadiers.

26 Jun 06, 03:27
Don't post very often but could n't resist.

My favourite unit has to be the Berg Lancers. I particularly enjoy their cameo performance in 'Sharpe's Enemy'.

05 Sep 06, 11:58
My favorites. Nothing better than cracking away with a Bn of rifles, three hexes away.

Mike Cox
05 Sep 06, 13:13
Wuerttemberg Cheveauxlegere - an ancestor served there

05 Sep 06, 19:01

I didn't know your mom was a cavalryman! :nuts: :clown: :shock: :surprise:

Mike Cox
05 Sep 06, 19:18
Just 'cause yo momma looks like a horse doesn't mean you need to get nasty!:nuts::p

05 Sep 06, 20:25
What can I say? Dad loves horses! :laugh:

21 Oct 06, 12:29
Way too many to list....

Always fancied the cavalry a lot from all armies.