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22 Jun 06, 22:34

Its official, the date has been set for the second Tiller Con. It will be held May 26th - 28th, 2007 in Kansas City. I'll be getting a web page put together soon for it, but wanted to get the word out so preparations could be made.

Tickets will go on sale right away, and if you can pre-buy your tickets as early as possible it would be much appreciated, as deposits have to be paid, etc.

And note, that each attendee will go home with a free game...so while it may cost you a few bucks, you will have something to take home, besides the good memories!

Here's a few links from last years event for those who want to check them out:




23 Jun 06, 01:50
Ohh Christ! I can hear my wife now, when I try to tell her I need to fly back to the states for Tiller Con II. I will do everything I can to try to make it but it costs a small fortune to fly around the world.


23 Jun 06, 05:30
And no international flights (afaik) fly directly into MCI (Kansas City International Airport). So with the connections, you are dead on BB. At least nothing from Japan (maybe they have some Canadian flights) - but you generally have to fly in to a hub.

23 Jun 06, 13:32
Well it depends on where you land. Perhaps you could hook up with a gamer that lives in a town that has a international airport and share the gas cost of driving there.

Chicago and Dallas are both International Airports. Both are within two days drive of Kansas City or one if you and your partner share the driving (rental car might be the best way to go).

23 Jun 06, 17:40
Chicago and Dallas are both only a single days drive to KC, about 10 hours each give or take. Interstate all the way for either so renting a car and driving from either of those locations might be an option.

23 Jun 06, 18:07
Thanks for the info Mark. I MIGHT go via Chicago then since its cheaper to fly to there from Boise than to KC (via Las Vegas, Denver or Salt Lake City).

23 Jun 06, 19:30
Chicago is about 500 miles (a little more or less depending upon where you start and end up at) - in this case you will be more than likely headed to the SW part of the KC metro area.

Denver is 600 miles -and it is I-70 all the way in ( the airport in Denver iirc -is on the East side of the city area - and if traffic is a consideration - having driven the KC -Chi route a few times ( both the northern route thru Iowa and the Southern route that goes thru Missouri - the traffic between KC and StL -particularly on a weekend can be a PITA -- as this is -aside from a heavy business traffic area (read semi's out the ying yang), it is also the main drag to the Lake of the Ozarks area as well ....

So I guess -don't neglect Denver from the mix - it would not be much farther -and my guess is the drive might be easier.

Edited to add: - I live in KC at the moment.

Gary McClellan
23 Jun 06, 20:39
I can't imagine that renting a car and driving from even St. Louis (much less Chitown or Denver) would be cheaper and easier than taking the connecting flight to KC.

That said, I hope to be there, and I'll drive. I'll likely do the great circle, bop up into Nebraska, visit family, go to KC, and then maybe hit Pea Ridge on the way home.

23 Jun 06, 21:20
If I go, I'll probably drive. It's only 12 hours-ish.

23 Jun 06, 21:35
My wife's folks live about 40 miles north of KC so I'm hoping I can work a family visit in with me getting to go. Could be tricky! :cheeky:

23 Jun 06, 23:16
Denver, CO to Kansas City, MO - Distance: 602.3 miles Approximate Travel Time: 8 hours 19 mins

Chicago, IL to Kansas City, MO - Distance: 507.8 miles Approximate Travel Time: 7 hours 50 mins

Dallas, TX to Kansas City, MO - Distance: 530.5 miles Approximate Travel Time: 8 hours 44 mins

St Louis, MO to Kansas City, MO - Distance: 247.4 miles Approximate Travel Time: 3 hours 38 mins

Nashville, TN to Kansas City, MO - Distance: 556.3 miles Approximate Travel Time: 8 hours 17 mins

Mike Cox
23 Jun 06, 23:29
Flights from SFO to MCI run $250 -$400. I see American, United, and Midwest Air fly there. Any others?

Any budget airlines fly there? (Like ones that have online only specials and don't deal with Expedia - Southwest and Jet Blue are no go.)

Who is the man on the ground there?

eric karcher
23 Jun 06, 23:53

best i have seen so far is 300 round trip on american leaving from oakland stops in dallas then kc. I might drive it depends on the time i get off next year and wont know that until febuary.

btw its only 1853 miles from my town to kc so figure another 70-80 from santa rosa area

24 Jun 06, 01:00
I can't imagine that renting a car and driving from even St. Louis (much less Chitown or Denver) would be cheaper and easier than taking the connecting flight to KC.

That said, I hope to be there, and I'll drive. I'll likely do the great circle, bop up into Nebraska, visit family, go to KC, and then maybe hit Pea Ridge on the way home.

Might as well hit Wilson's Creek as well - just outside of Springfield MO - if you are going towards Pea Ridge... :smoke:


24 Jun 06, 07:20
For those who are considering flying in, unlike last year, we will be having the event in the same building as the hotel...so you can get a cab from the airport and then not worry about transportation the rest of the time, if it suits you.

And there's a couple of people locally that I am working with. I'll ask them to work on local details for the web site I'll be putting together.

Jim Cobb
24 Jun 06, 09:43
Might as well hit Wilson's Creek as well - just outside of Springfield MO - if you are going towards Pea Ridge... :smoke:


No, no. Lexington is only about an hour away.

Gary McClellan
24 Jun 06, 09:52
Depending on how the timeline goes, I do plan to hit Wilson's Creek if I can. It's a bit the "great circle" for me to get home (the direct way would be to get on the interstate direct to Wichita, and go from there), but WC-PR-home would be a nice vacation route.

Much depends on how much time I get off (if I can at all). I also may disappear on Sun morn to go to church in a little town about 100 miles away where I did my Vicarage (internship)

24 Jun 06, 10:38
The place Rich has set up- I think you might want to look into seeing if they off a shuttle from the hotel -as it is about 30 miles away from the airport - Kansas City area rates for cabs are about $5.00 per mile after taxes.

To clarify on Jim's Lexington - it is about an hour away from the Kansas City area (and on the way if you are coming in from the St Louis area; Wilson's Creek is not in the Kansas City area - but is in the area of SW Missouri pretty close to the Pea Ridge battlefield.

There are ample plaques around town for the battle of Westport.

09 Jul 06, 14:57

I've placed the web site to support Tiller Con II live this morning, you can visit it here:


We'll be adding more content as we gather it.

We are offering tickets for sale now, under the "Cost" page...if you are able to purchase your ticket sooner rather than later please do so. We've already incurred costs for this event, so the sooner we can start bringing funds in the better. Also note that there's a link on that page, that if you plan on coming but can't purchase a ticket yet we're asking that you let us know - so we can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions please let me know, or post them at the TC forum (linked off the site) and I will get answers there.


20 Jul 06, 19:52
I've created a new forum for the event, thanks to Brent too for all his help!! So if you want to chat about TC II do so here:


06 Aug 06, 22:49
Ok Rich - THIS is a good thread to make a Sticky. How about it?

05 Nov 06, 15:21
Trying to stir the pot a bit on this subject...if you plan on coming please register soon...time is a tickin'! :cool:

12 Nov 06, 09:38
getting into the TILLER CON II mode.

It is just around the corner.:rolleyes:

I am getting ready to make my hotel reservations.

See you in KC.

23 Nov 06, 10:50
Below is a flyer I made up for the event...if you could grab a copy and send it to others it would be great:



28 Dec 06, 19:50
The wife and I plan to drive there from Michigan, so we'll be passing through Chicago and we'll have room for 2 others. If anyone needs a ride from an airport or from anywhere else along the way, we'd be happy to pick you up and we won't even charge you for gas :)

If you need, just let me know.


28 Dec 06, 20:50
Pretty good offer...too bad I'm not in your travel path!! :D

01 Jan 07, 17:13
Hey Guys,
My EXACT route goes through Grand Rapids, MI ... then through to Chicago, IL ... then through to Des Moines, IA ... then finally to Kansas City, KS.

Anyone needing a ride along that route or landing in Chicago and wanting to ride through, The wife and I have room for 2 more.

We will be leaving our house at around 4am on the 25th ... hitting Grand Rapids at between 6am and 6:30am ... hitting Chicago at between 9am and 9:30am ... then hitting Des Moines at between 1pm and 1:30pm .... then hitting KC at between 3pm and 4pm.

These times are loosely based on the fact that maybe the coffee won't hit me toooooo often.

by the way, for those of you who don't know who I am, I am the graphics coordinator for all of John Tiller's games.


11 Jan 07, 07:54
As time draws nearer for this event make sure and keep an eye on the forum for TC II for details on what we have planned:


21 Apr 07, 22:02
Almost that time gents...hope some of you can make it to this!

29 Apr 07, 17:22
I've posted a complete schedule of events for TC II on the web site. You can view it here:

Tiller Con II - Schedule (http://www.hist-sdc.com/con/2/sch.html)