View Full Version : HPS Campaign Waterloo Nominated for CSR Award

Mike Cox
22 Jun 06, 20:23
CSR Awards Home Page (http://www.alanemrich.com/CSR_pages/CSRawards.htm)

Consimworld Story (http://www.consimworld.com/archives/000953.html)

22 Jun 06, 21:03
This is great news!! Thanks for posting it Mike.


22 Jun 06, 21:19
Cool, wonder how it will turn out. :smoke:

23 Jun 06, 13:27
Well Rich, you and Charlie and (of course) most of all John truly deserve this award. For me if Waterloo wins it would be just another great mark for John and all of the efforts he has put into the game industry to date. And all of the hard work that you and Charlie put into the game would be heavily responsible for that too.

Mike Cox
23 Jun 06, 23:25
Well, it is definitely an honor to be nominated type of award. They take ballots from the public at large (who tend to be board game players) to come up with the list of nominees. (If there are not enough votes in a particular category, they change it to an honorable mention I think.) The winner is determined by committee.

25 Jun 06, 11:00