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18 Jun 06, 18:08
New to SB -

Just wondering is there any scenario helpers out there...or OOB editor help walk thru's out there?

I've read the help file that comes with the OOB editor (but it isn't enough).

I own WOV and have worked through that OOB and scenario editor rather well....but I'm somewhat lost here in SB Tour Of Duty -

19 Jun 06, 08:06
Not really...the TFE4 site has the most SB stuff in one place, but thumbing through it I didn't see any specific articles for you:


Post your questions here and we'll do our best to get them answered.

Ivan Rapkinov
19 Jun 06, 11:06
*dusts off old scn notes*

Fire away. Though I haven't designed a SB scn for a while...

19 Jun 06, 13:40
Here's some other useful stuff:


I have another article as well, but can't get to it at the moment...will post later.

19 Jun 06, 19:48
Thanks a lot guys - (for the links) and willingness to answer any questions -

Through the old trial and error I am making some headway via my own play testing - Plus searching around and reading up where ever I find bits and pieces -

I'm going to go check those links out now -

Thanks again -