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14 Jun 06, 00:23
I've been playing George Catigula for about the past month or so in Napoleon's Russian Campaign. We've been having quite a bit of fun with a borodino battle.

He mentions to me, that he is a member of the club and asked if I was also a member. I told him I wasn't and that I wasn't too interested in clubs so much due to having to keep track of rank and the like. I'd rather just have opponents to play against but that I'd think about joining.

So today, I decided to mosey on over and have a look at the club when I come across this post:


Now the post itself isn't that big of a deal, but I wonder if

A) it's approrpriate for politics to be allowed in a gaming club such as that, and;

B) how things would have been handled if someone from the right, like myself, would have been treated had they responded with the same kind of sneering attitude towards the left as those posters had towards the right.

I have no problems with political opposites firing salvos back and forth in forums designed for such exchanges with the expectation that moderation will be hands off as we see here and over at ACG in the political forums. I enjoy engaging in such conversations.

I guess before I move forward with possible membership, I was curious if any posters here are also members of the club and how common posts like this are. What's the moderation like if someone responds in kind?

Also, let me repeat for clarity... I have no problems with arguing politics. I am just leery of gaming clubs where one political side or the other is favored when it comes to politics and has moderator 'favoritism' so to speak. Thus creating an unfriendly and uncomfortable atmosphere for gaming.

14 Jun 06, 05:04
I don't think I would judge an entire forum on the content of one thread. Afterall it is just one person's opinion and everyone have days when they slip up and probably type something they shouldn't have. I don't know much about the club in question but I would dig deeper before making any conclusions.


14 Jun 06, 12:30
I guess it comes down to, what exactly do expect form the club? If you are just joining so your opponent can get credit for the game there then its really a non-issue. If you are looking to become an integral part of the club, and making it thrive then you need to do a lot of digging, IMHO.

Here we just play the games and talk about them and a little history...all other topics are quickly moved to their proper places. :smoke:

14 Jun 06, 14:48
Well being one of the main members and Club Board member I will give you an answer.

The Club was founded by two members who had been in a Club in which censorship and deleted posts happened often. (No not NWC or any of those). Our traditions have always been a friendly low key club, with not all the pressures of gaming, and pushing ranks and medals all the time, even though they are there and a part of the club.

The Moderator of the forum is a very level headed guy and there are people of conservative stance who do post. Unless it is such an obscene and vulgar post in terms of politics and such it does not get deleted. I will warn you though roleplay stories can get very vulgar sometimes and we do not delete those. :D We have a proud tradition of roleplay stories.

But this was a rare occasion that politics of current times come up. Often it only happens once or twice a month. If you look at the majority of our posts are Club related and jokes of all sorts.

People are usually their own Moderators and have enough sense when to stop. If they don't and it gets out of hand, we politely in a private email tell them to take a break and come back when they are cooled down. In the 3 years we have been around I can count all the times members had problems with others on my hand, and 9 out of 10 times it is game/game rules related argument.

If folks keep it clean, civil, and are able to Moderate themsleves, then we don't have to. Just be able to stand on your own two feet. :laugh:

Now a few non-related points of interest. We keep track of all your data so you don't have to! :D We've got all major forces of the Nappy Wars in our Club for you to join and a few in the works. You can register games with us from other clubs for credit! We strongly encourage this amongst people! We often have multiplayer games in the works, sometimes we have tourney's, but a lot of free for all. You can play any person on any side regardless for full credit.

I want to point out one thing! All other clubs, here, NWC, ACWGC all have a seperate forum for such topics, and hence they are not as present as they maybe be. We do not have a seperate section for that. If folks are interested look at our main forum page:


Don't join just to shoot politics back and forth. We are primarily for gaming and prefer it that way. But if you do, just keep things cool and we'll be ok with it. Most people self moderate themselves. :D I mean we are for the most part adults, we should know when to step back.

We are about friendliness, fun, and laid back gaming. Once you get to know folks you'll be more comfortable joking around with them. If ever one of our members runs into problems, we want them to know we are there to help and sort things out.

Some other key points, we are incorporating new games soon as they come out. We are play testing Campaigns on the Danube, Crown of Glory, Black Powder Wars: Battles of Napoleon, and are very excited for when Les Grognards sends a demo for us to test. We still use the old standbys of HPS and Talonsoft. We are always keeping a presence on the major game makers forums so we can tell people we are here. The club is always changing, new MODS, Newsletters, Army Emails and such. We are always in motion and if we see things wrong we try to correct them.

Visit our main website: http://battleground-club.de/

Email me with any questions you have: eric2900@aol.com

Again our main focus is gaming and prefer it that way! All are welcome, we are very international with members from Australia to Argentina, the Canary Islands to Scandinavia and all in between.

So check us out, and don't hesitate to drop me a line, I will always answer back even if it takes a day or two.

14 Jun 06, 16:29
Thanks for your reply scott...

That's just what I was looking for informational-wise (is that even a word?).

14 Jun 06, 16:58
Thanks for your reply scott...

That's just what I was looking for informational-wise (is that even a word?).
No problem! I think bit is a word or something like that. :D