View Full Version : Squad Battles - Tournament!

Lucas Kling
07 Jun 06, 07:08
Wouldn't it be fun to have a SB tourney? It could add more action to this section of the WARS ladder. It's great that these games got WARS support, but perhaps a tournament would bring more action to it.

Just a thought. :cool:

07 Jun 06, 08:22
Yeah, that would be fun!

I am ready....... :smoke:

07 Jun 06, 10:36
I'd be up for it, but we'd have to agree on the game to be played...and it would also be ideal if a for more players would roll in for it.

Anyone want to take the lead in organizing it? I can do all the WARS work to support it, but my plate is a bit full to do the other leg work... :D

Mike Cox
07 Jun 06, 11:15
Is there any Poll tool on the forum?

I have a custom ES scenario that would work well (though a mirror is always best). I also have a small AoTR custom scenario that would work too...

Poll would be Vietnam or WW2/Korea, then specific title. Or?

07 Jun 06, 11:23
Sure, there's one...I'll start a thread with a poll...send your gaming buddies this way guys so we can get some decent participation!