View Full Version : Napoleonic Trivia #2 and War of 1812 Triva #9

Gary McClellan
30 May 06, 23:15

I have a doubledip question for you.

After the Napoleonic Wars ended, one of Nappie's Marshals went into a business partnership (in NY real estate) with a US War of 1812 General... and they lost serious money.

Who were they?

Gary McClellan
03 Jun 06, 22:24
Not one guess? :cry:

I got this tidbit of info from Sword of the Border: Major General Jacob Jennings Brown by John D. Morris.

As you can probably guess, the US general is Jacob Brown (commander at Sackett's Harbor, Chippawa and Lundy's Lane.

The Frenchman?

The Goat of Wavre himself... Marshal Grouchy :p

Northern New York... Belgium... the good Marshal never learned the first rule of Real Estate... Location, Location, Location.:scream: :scream:

03 Jun 06, 22:30
I was clueless! :hush: