View Full Version : Napoleonic Trivia #1

Gary McClellan
25 May 06, 01:47
All right, so maybe I was getting a tad obscure with the War of 1812 :laugh:

Let's try something a tad simpler and move over to Europe.

What is the claim to fame of W. Sidney Smith?

25 May 06, 04:22
If that is Admiral "Sir" William Sidney Smith then it's to do with the relief of the siege of Acre in September 1801 I think.

Gary McClellan
25 May 06, 08:29
Hm, I guess I should have made it a tad harder :cool:

Yep, Admiral Smith was a key player in defending Acre, giving Napoleon his first ever setback on land.

25 May 06, 09:39
:cool: :D