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21 May 06, 16:18
Introducing myself to Spanish, Catalan, and English Speakers.

First of all, may I wish all Spanish users of the site, a Happy San Isidro, from Madrid, Capital del Imperio.

I started playing ASL a long time ago, when it first came out, but then the pressure of exams and youthful life, (women, discotecas, etc) pushed intelectual hobbies to one side. I started again about 18 months ago, and I've been steadily learning since. For those who would like to get together and do battle, I'm quite happy with all aspects of chapters A-D, (a bit rusty on OBA though, I admit,) and I'm getting to grips with chapter F...

També parlo el català, donat qu'he viscut allà uns deu anys, a Sant Hilari, capital de les Guilleríes. Pero ara visc a Madrit, on les oportunitats per això no son moltes, així que em limito a donar batalla en Espanglish.

I would not like to miss this opportunity to revel in a little national pride following FC Barcelona's momentous and poetic thrashing of the cockney scum...:laugh:

Felicitats a tots els culés del món, VISCA BARÇA, CAMPIONS!!!!!

Una abraçada, i fins aviat,

"Mad" Eddy.:nuts:

21 May 06, 16:31
Welcome to the forum, I'm not an Arsenal fan but you were a bit lucky - bet we go further in the World Cup than your lot:D

22 May 06, 12:17
Hi man,

all meant in good fun mate. I was just trying to stir up a bit of a reaction with the old football chestnut. (It should get a reaction from the Spanish types, especially with the bit of catalan I threw in there because FCB and Real Madrid fans hate each other more than City fans hate United. Can you imagine if they had Scottish teams playing English teams in the league? It's like that.):laugh:

I should get ADSL-ed up soon, if you fancy a battle, let me know. As long as you let me be the baddies!

Cheers, and see you around,


22 May 06, 14:40
I realise it was in fun - what games do you play?

22 May 06, 16:56
Just ASL man, I'm up to speed on Chapters A-D, some of E, and some of F. I've got A World at War as well, but with ASL to get to grips with, and a lot of studying for some exams, I don't have time for other mind-bending games.



23 May 06, 20:59
Welcome, Ed.

Congrats on Barcelona beating Arsenal. Good luck in the Cup. You'll forgive me if I hope we go a little farther this time around, but then again, we face Italia in the first go, so no cakewalk out of the gate. Looking forward to an excellent tournament. Good luck to everyone, let the Cup begin!


25 May 06, 04:50
Cheers mate.

What do you play? ASL I take it, at least.

Good luck to the North American side. It's good to see that the world's most powerful nation is beginning to realise that what the rest of the world knows as "football" is in truly the "most beautiful game"....:devious: :stirthepot: