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Gary McClellan
19 May 06, 11:49
I thought it might be nice for us to have a thread where we can share our favorite books on this era. I have to leave in a second, so I'll just list a few of mine.

French and Indian War Era:
Crucible of Warby Fred Anderson

American Revolution:
None at this point that jump to mind.

Napoleonic Wars:
Napoleon's Last Victory and the Emergence of Modern War by Robert Epstein

War of 1812
The most recent, and proudest addition to my collection
The US Army in the War of 1812: An Operational and Command Study by Robert Quimby

Now, lets see what y'all add to the list :p

19 May 06, 13:44
French and Indian War Era:

Apart from Fred Anderson's book you already recommended I would go with
The Battle for Quebec by Matthew C. Ward.
White Devil and also Redcoat
By Stephen Brumwell

Wolfe Of Quebec
By Robin Reilly

American Revolution:

Rebels and Redcoats by Hugh Bicheno

Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fischer (Great read even with it's some misplaced British Quotes and British army mistakes.)

The Guns of Independence - Siege of Yorktown by Jerome A. Greene

Napoleonic Wars:

Life In Wellington's army
by Antony Brett-James

1812 Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow
By Adam Zamoyski (best book I have read on that campaign as a whole.)

March of Death - Sir John Moore's Retreat to Corunna, 1808-09
by Christopher Sumerville

Letters from the Battle of Waterloo
by Gareth Glover

A History of the Peninsular War 7 volumes
by Sir Charles Oman

The Waterloo Compainion
by Mark Adkin

1805: Austerlitz
by Robert Goestz

War of 1812:

The British at the Gates - The New Orleans Campaign
by Robin Reilly

Pierre Berton's two books Invasion of Canada & Flames Acrosss the Border
( Nice books, very much like reading a novel.)

A Very Brilliant Affair - Battle of Queenston Heights by Robert Malcomson

The Dawn's Early Light
by Walter Lord

All books by Donlad E. Graves.:)