View Full Version : Thunder & Lightning: The Battles of Operation Desert Storm

Black Moria
28 Oct 03, 14:49
I got this from the Shrapnel site. Like Raging Tiger, Thunder & Lightning is a new game being developed, based on the ATF game engine.

Press Release here (http://www.shrapnelgames.com/News/pr_01.htm)

Like Raging Tiger, this one looks like a lot of fun as well.

28 Oct 03, 21:44
Thanks for keeping on top of things Black Moria! I was at their site this morning and did not see this. Looks Good!

Can't wait to Rock n Roll:ar15:


29 Oct 03, 04:51
I am really glad CPT. Proctor found people with the time and skill to design new products for ProSim. I turned down an offer, and have since felt it was a betrayal. However, the two project chiefs for Raging Tiger and Thunder and Lightning each have more experience than I've had birthdays.

Of course, I'll be pre-ordering both. :D

John Osborne
29 Oct 03, 08:47
I too will pre-order both. But I'm still looking for AATF :D