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07 May 06, 10:10
Two brigades of Union cavalry have run into Rebel Cavalry on the outskirts of Westminster. I sent one brigade north to flank the town in that direction and they ran into heavy resistance from what looks to be a brigade of cavalry. I've chosen to dismount and bring these forces under fire. My other brigade approached the town itself where they had met the initial resistance from what appears to be another Reb cavalry brigade. After a short firefight the Rebel cavalry there has chosen to withdraw but not without losing one regiment to my forces in the town itself. We shall try and maneuver to run Jeb's horsey guys to ground and remove this threat to our rear areas forever.

(For those of you wanting to check out the scenario, it is The Raid, June 29, 1863 var. 12)

07 May 06, 18:06
Combat continues between the brigades of Gregg's division and the brigade of WH Lee just north of Westminster. Meanwhile on the Gettysburg Pike NW of Myersville the lead brigade of Kilpatrick's division runs into the lead regiment of Fitz Lee's brigade. The quick thinking Union regiments dismount and pour a withering fire into that regiment. We have learned from prisoners that Fitz Lee himself was wounded in the first exchange of fire. Hopefully the loss of their leader will slow this brigade down some.

13 May 06, 00:57
Heavy combat continues north of Westminster as the Union cavalry of Gregg's Division continues to pressure the brigade of W.F. Lee. Regiments of Hampton's brigade are also engaged in this area. However it wasn't enough to prevent some of these regiments from being isolated. In the north Kilpatrick's division continues it's pursuit of F. Lee's brigade towards Myersville. Reb cavalry is going to have to move quick to avoid heavy losses.

15 May 06, 00:33
Combat now centers around the tollgate on the Gettysburg Pike. One large Reb cavalry regiment is now on it's way to the prison camp at Elmyra, NY. as Union troops managed to surround it and capture it, though not without some serious losses. Reb cavalry is also holding firm north of Myersville along the turnpike preventing Kilpatrick's division from completing the isolation of Stuart's forces.

18 May 06, 00:00
Whoops of joy are heard from the area west of the Gettysburg Turnpike and word quickly travels to all commands that troops under the direct command of General Gregg himself have cornered and captured J.E.B. Stuart himself. The scourge of Union horsemen will now be a guest of the War Department. The wild melee of combat near the tollgate on the Gettysburg Turnpike has seen the rapid departure of several Rebel regiments and several others isolated. Meanwhile Custer has managed to swing around and threatens to isolate the Confederate horsemen delaying the advance of Kilpatrick's division near Myersville. I've offered terms to my opponent that match the current victory level in hopes of stopping further slaughter.

21 May 06, 09:33
My opponent has accepted my terms and thus ends this scenario and General Lee's worries about where Stuart might be for the rest of the fight. Biggest gains for the Union were the capture of Stuart and the wounding of one of the Lee's which should hopefully degregade his cavalry performance for the rest of the campaign. Now on to Gettysburg IV.

21 May 06, 16:30
I've only fought one Campaign using Gettysburg and all of the dead, dying, and captured returned to their mounts for the big battle. Don't be surprised to see Stuart and Lee and all of their missing cavalrymen show up in your big battle plus any other losses to either army that were sustained earlier in the campaign. Since my experience level is limited to only one campaign, it would/will be interesting to see what has/will transpire with others. Maybe ours was an anomaly.

22 May 06, 00:16
Units are supposed to get 20% of their losses returned in the next scenario to represent stragglers rejoining their units, etc. I believe that wounded leaders have a chance to return but those that are killed or captured should be out for the rest of the campaign.

16 Jul 06, 09:47
Didn't Fitz Lee die in one of your earlier battles?

16 Jul 06, 11:03
Short of going back through all the AAR's I don't rightly remember. Might have been wounded earlier and had come back also.