View Full Version : Just saying hi....

02 May 06, 00:32
To everyone. Hope to get a game in soon. :)

Gary McClellan
02 May 06, 00:50
Welcome Scott!

Good to see you in here.

02 May 06, 02:06
Welcome to the forums Scott. I am sure that you will find plenty of people around here to play.

If you are looking for a game right now, why don't you post in the Opponent Finder Forum with details of what you are looking for.


02 May 06, 08:14
Thanks guys!!

Random question, on the ladder data page, do you have to complete one game before you show up there??

I will hopefully pick up a small game in a week or two.

Gary McClellan
02 May 06, 10:02
Yep, you won't be entered with a score on the ladder until you've been in a game one way or the other.

02 May 06, 10:15
Welcome Scott!

Lucas Kling
02 May 06, 15:26
Nice to see you in this community also, Scott!

26 May 06, 10:01
Thanks off to see the wizard, I mean post for a game.