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16 Apr 06, 11:54
Just wanted to introduce myself & say "Hi":) . Not much to say. I tried registering before but always got some error message like: "Invalid email address" etc. Got pretty frustrating :mad: so I just gave up. Figured I'd give it one more shot today & I must have done it (registering) right so I'm in. So now what do I do? :nuts: :D

16 Apr 06, 14:43
I see you have combat Missions. Which one? i have CMAK and would have you a game if your interested. Otherwise hope you will find this place as friendly as or more then anyother site.:smoke:

16 Apr 06, 15:30
I have all 3 (BO, BB & AK) but none are installed at present. I just don't have enough room on my HD at the moment (got about 16 games on it right now) for CMAK. Thanks for the invitation though. These message boards look pretty friendly (of course you'll always get the odd *ssh*le: usually some teenager who thinks he's being :cool1: by being ignorant :rolleyes:).