View Full Version : Waterloo "By the Numbers" tournament winner!!!!

14 Apr 06, 10:29

I am pleased to announce that after 4 gruelling rounds of combat, Rich White (Hrik) is the winner of the Waterloo Tournament. It was a close tourney with Jim Hall coming in second place and many others with varying degrees of success with their digital troops.

As promised, bonus WARS points will be awarded to participants as follows.

1st Place -- 30 points
2nd Place -- 20 points
3rd Place -- 15 points
All Others -- 10 points

Rich White will also receive a free HPS title (courtesy of Rich Hamilton).

I want to thank everyone who participated and I hope you enjoyed playing in the tourney as much as I enjoyed running it.

Stay tuned for the next tournament coming down the pipe in the near future. Next up will be 1776. So if you don't already have it, this could be the excuse you give the missus to pick it up.


Lucas Kling
14 Apr 06, 14:54
Congratulations to all that made it to the top!

Thanks for a well-managed tournament!

Can't wait 'till the 1776 starts!

24 Apr 06, 18:31
:) Great tourny. Very enjoyable.

Congrats Rich for a well deserved win.

Thanks to Ben for taking the time out to run a very good event.

Bring on the next one...

Jim Cobb
25 Apr 06, 08:03
As Rich's doormat, I extend congratulations.