View Full Version : Well hello then!!

10 Apr 06, 15:03
So I joined... and seeing as I did, I might as well say HELLO!!!


Old Squad Leader player... Started during my youth in '84... briefly dabbled with ASL only to give it all up in '88 ...

Now with a rekindled interest, back with avengance!!! Slowly but solidly working my way through the rules playing the odd game with a new found local ASL friend, playing alot by myself and making up for all those wasted years!!!

See you around...


Dr Zaius
12 Apr 06, 11:33
Welcome! I'll think you'll find a ton of gamers to talk with here and lots of other good resources.

22 May 06, 12:07
Howdy Don!

Just a quickie, do I understand from the skeletal astronaut that you are keen on the Grateful Dead? I thought you had to be spaced out and from California to be into them, I thought gun-toting Texans weren't allowed...;) Just an innocent question, that's all.


"Mad" Eddy