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05 Apr 06, 14:25
I'm not sure if this is the proper subforum for this, so feel free to move if necessary:

Has there ever been consideration of Tiller doing a title based on this conflict? I'm sure it would sell. At least to me.

Gary McClellan
05 Apr 06, 15:17
A number of years ago, I emailed John on another topic entirely (the War of the Spanish Succession), and in that email he indicated that he'd like to do games on a great number of wars. That said, time and expected money is always an issue.

He'd likely need someone who he already knows from his scenario designers step up with a positive proposal, and who would be the one who would shoulder the main work. Then it would be a matter of adapting one of the engines (likely the ACW engine). Even then, it would come down to if John thought it was worth the time to make the engine changes.

So, while I certainly wouldn't rule it out entirely, I do consider it unlikely for now.

Edit: I certainly haven't heard any rumors one way or the other, but HPS is generally pretty close to the vest, so unless it's a project I have some involvement in, I don't hear much, and even if I had heard, I couldn't say.

Jim Cobb
06 Apr 06, 07:44
Checl out the General Discussion forum at Wargamer. We're working on one.

06 Apr 06, 11:55
Checl out the General Discussion forum at Wargamer. We're working on one.

Looks interesting, but I'm hoping for an HPS game.

Sol Invictus
07 Apr 06, 22:16
Hopefully, The Austro-Prussian War, followed by The Franco-Prussian War, along with The Seven Years War and The Great Northern War will actually be better than the HPS engine. While the HPS engine is good, I have no doubt that it can be improved upon.

08 Apr 06, 05:53
I think the HPS engine with some modifications would be fine for SYW or any wars of the 18th Century. Who knows maybe we will see a game covering one of those conflicts very soon. Maybe even later ones.:)

This Franco-Prussian war game while I am intrigued by it but to to my knowledge we haven't see any of the game-play, and only a few screens of units and woodland. So how can you say this will be better than the HPS games. I don't think we will see earlier wars with this engine anytime soon as they said they prefer to go on to do more later 19th Century conflicts first. Then again this game could look nice but could be rubblish..:(

08 Apr 06, 12:16
Actually Glyn we might work on two eras at once, since this engine will be able to cover anything from Ancient up to 19th century at least. Also my favourite period is 18th century :)

08 Apr 06, 15:54
That is good to know but can we have more info if possible... Is there a web site ?

Sol Invictus
08 Apr 06, 19:38
Glyn, I said "hopefully".

10 Apr 06, 03:24
Glyn, I said "hopefully".

Yes I didn't notice until afterwards.. I apologize.:o :)

Mike Cox
13 Apr 06, 11:42
Well there is a Tiller fan that is actually an expert in The Franco Prussian war. If someone could tap him....But he just announced that he has to step back from gaming a bit in the forseeable future... I would like to see that however (- as Gary said using the ACW engine though. )The other game being discussed also looks good from screen shots...