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01 Apr 06, 02:22
Still another entry into the HPS artwork category.

This time its the 2d Zoom In view for roads, pikes, paths.

I modified the existing files to be more prominent.

You may not like my scheme - if so put your own together and send me a set! This one really helps me see the roads better and while not perfect does help me in putting maps together and in doing the checking of my work.

A sample pic can be found at:


The pack is at:



1. Go into any of Nap games and open the Map folder.

2. Find the following files:

2DMain100.bmp (this one is for Pikes)

3. Rename them to something like Stock_<filename>

ex. Stock_2DPaths100.bmp

4. Extract the three files in the zip to the Map folder.

5. Open your game up and take a peek at the 2d Zoom In View.

Jim Cobb
01 Apr 06, 09:11
Interesting. Any idea how this might interact with Volcano Man's work?

Jim Hall
02 Apr 06, 13:13
Hi Bill
As usual great work:cheeky:

02 Apr 06, 14:49
Interesting. Any idea how this might interact with Volcano Man's work?

You know, I am thinking that he may already have 2d road graphics but if you want to be sure just note a URL here where I can find the pack and I will check it out for you.

Usually his stuff just modifies the uniforms but I think he has a few terrain packs as well. I dont use alternate artwork much BUT one pack that was really nice changed the unit symbols for the 2d look and it REALLY helps.

I will check back Jim if you post a URL