View Full Version : Got an Attitude Problem?

14 Oct 03, 21:19
Got an attitude problem? Well I have an attitude utility that may be right up your alley. I have posted a visual attitude compass. This was very helpful to me when I was a BCT newbie haveing had no practical experience with the mils used in the game to indicate the angle of your artillery's linear sheaf.

The Pie chart converts mils to the corresponding 360 degrees and represents that visually for you.

Enjoy! I hope this makes the learning process a bit easier for anyone new to the game!:D

You can find the post in the downloads section off the main warfarehq home page/downloads/miscellaneous/BCT/ATF STuff.

Or from the same path on the BCT/ATF section page.


17 Oct 03, 20:02
Quite useful for non-military people like myself. Makes minefield, etc easier.

Thanks :D