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John Osborne
14 Oct 03, 17:48
Hi Guys,

Let me start out by saying that during the beta testing of the multiplayer aspect of ATF. It didnít work. I had to leave the Beta testing and donít know what the out come of it was.

I think that if myself and NORAD can get this game started and post the results of our game that we want to try this Thursday around 1830 hrs. I think that more players will get more involved with multiplayer games.

I would like to know what the outcome was when other players tried to do multiplayer.

I have Broadband so Iím always connected to the Internet.

So let me start on what I was trying to do.

1. Open up Multiplayer

2. Scenario Setup, clicked on Enemy. Because I want to setup my OPFOR units. Select the scenario, which will be Bulldog Escarpment. And saved the game with my units setup. Now can NORAD do the same on his side and setup his units so that when we start we can go straight into battle with out taking time to setup units?

Now the fun part begins :D

As I will host the game, I donít want to join game, nor create game, or find an opponent. I should go straight to Network.

1. Click yes to Host

2. Select mission, click OK.

3. Screen pops up states Create Multiplayer Game, play as Friendly or enemy. As I will play enemy I select enemy, click OK.

4.Then another screen pops up Create Session, Service Provider, there is three options.
a. serial connection for direct play.
b. Modem connection for direct play
c. Internet TCP/IP connection for direct play.
I chose Internet TCP/IP. And typed Game 1 as the session name then click create.

5. A screen pops up stating Connecting and that's as far as I could go. It just sit there trying to connect..

What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Red 6

Black Moria
15 Oct 03, 00:21
Procedurally speaking, it looks like you are doing the right steps (it has been months since I tried multiplayer)

The connecting message will remain until your opponent connects to your game.

Since you are hosting, your opponent must know your IP address and then must go through the 'joining' game process.

Sounds like he could not connect to you, for some reason (of which there is many possibilities, like internet latency, wrong IP, etc etc).

John Osborne
15 Oct 03, 10:33
Thanks Black Moria for the reply back.

Myself and NORAD are going to test it tonight. Hopefully it will work.

Question for anyone who has tried multiplayer, is can you pause or stop the clock so that you can make a screenshot of the battles to be use for the AAR?

And if the game is saved from start to finish so that you can go back and see where you did something dumb or did it right. Something like replay back the whole scenario after the battle?

Red 6

15 Oct 03, 10:56
I would also like to inquire did anyone ever play BCT as Multiplayer and did it work any better?

John Osborne
21 Oct 03, 22:09
Sorry Guys :o I totally forgot to play a multiplayer game with NORAD. I told him that I was deep in making a scenario called TF1-67 for TacOps. Just about finished with it. Again sorry guys. I will try to set it up again in the near future