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14 Oct 03, 05:27
This is the full version of the ATF Vehicle Spec Workbook. All vehicles have been sorted into enemy and friendly lists. There are a total of nine sheets:

1. Basic Vehicle Specs
2. Breacher Attribute Specs
3. Engineer Attribute Specs
4. Minelayer Attribute Specs
5. Indirect Fire Attribute Specs
6. Observer Attribute Specs
7. Personnel Carrier Attribute Specs
8. Smoker Attribute Specs
9. Direct/Indirect Fire Attribute Specs

I know I promised a .pdf format. However, converting all pages in a manner that doesn't confuse the heck out of you is easier said than done. Besides the number of pages go well over twenty, so I question just how practical it might be to print the workbook out.

If you guys still want a .pdf version, I'll build one.

14 Oct 03, 22:02
Nice :love:

Rob Carpenter
16 Oct 03, 06:02
Thanks, have done something similar but yours is more complete :)


16 Oct 03, 12:30
Now there's a comprehensive document. :surprise: Now to figure out how to print it out in a way I can follow. Oh, the problems I have. ;)

Thanks DP,

16 Oct 03, 15:29
I'll try and work on converting it to .pdf. Doing so without jarring the information is somewhat complicated though.