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03 Nov 05, 22:08
Hi, I was on the old BCT and ATF forums and then stayed with them as they merged. I subscribed to the Armchair General magazine and my hope one day is to actually have one of my solutions selected. So far I received an honorable mention.

I've always been interested in computers and artificial intelligence. It's looking like with UAVs and UCAVs and increased use of robotics that there will be more and more AI in the military. So how did I get interested in the military?

Well, I've always been interested in history. My parents are both English and there's a lot of history to see there. Also, my mother's brother was 19 when he was killed in WW-II in Belgium and I have some of his letters -- he was a Bren gunner -- so that sparked an interest in WW-II originally. Then when I was working at Teknowledge my boss had worked at the Army Research Institute and we had some ARI contracts so I started learning everything about the Army I could.

The most enjoyable way to do that seemed to be to pick a highly realistic game. I saw William Trotter's review of BCT in PC Gamer and knew that was the game for me. Furthermore, CPT (now MAJ) Proctor was approachable to my civilian questions, thru the BCT forum, and so I have stayed with BCT thru its evolution to ATF and am now playing one of its latest incarnations, The Falklands War.