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19 Jan 06, 15:32
Hey Guys,

I joined up a few days ago. Found my way here by way of a link posted on the Wargamer boards. This is a terrific site with great resources.

As a gamer, I cut my teeth on the original Axis&Allies back in the late 80s. From there, I moved on to games like Third Reich and Harpoon. For a good chunk of the 90s, I was out of the wargaming loop. Fortunately, a few years ago I hooked up with a local group that does miniatures gaming (mostly Easy Eight's Battleground World War 2).

Like most everyone, when I'm not gaming with buddies I'm gaming with my PC. Largely thanks to this site, I just dusted off my copy of TOAW/COW. I'm also getting back into the Steel Panther series. Can't go wrong with the classics!