View Full Version : What are you playing?

20 Mar 06, 06:22
How many scenarios do you have going right now, and in which games (that apply to this ladder)?

I've had several battles finish recently, but I still have:

Current tourney battle
Quatre Bras single scenario
Full map battle in Waterloo
8 person MP game using the Eckmuhl monster mod

20 Mar 06, 07:24
I've got a Waterloo campaign that is proceding slowly and a Battle of Chippawa scenario going.

Mike Cox
20 Mar 06, 13:54
I have:

8 person MP game using the Eckmuhl monster mod
and a 4 person MP 5 Days Eckmuhl game

Oh and a small scenario from Waterloo butt he opponent is a turn every 10 days kind of player.

We (French) took a pounding early in 5 Days, but are about ready to take the Austrians to the mat for good...

Alan Sharif
21 Mar 06, 03:18
Im playing a Waterloo Campaign to.

Lucas Kling
21 Mar 06, 08:54
One Waterloo campaign and two EA '42 tourney games. Atleast those, might be something else also, but not sure :).

Jim Hall
21 Mar 06, 13:24
I have a
Waterloo Campaign
Eckmuhl Campaign and a very enjoyable
Eagle has landed:cheeky:

23 Mar 06, 15:15
I also have a very intense Waterloo Campaign going plus a medium sized Quatre-Bras scenario that has me biting my nails from turn 1.