View Full Version : Database Specification Sheet-Beta

12 Oct 03, 14:33
This is the beta version of the database spec sheets. Not much is left accept making spreadsheets for engineer, personell carrier, and DF/IF ammo carrier attributes. You should have all the info you need to calculate your time matrix and enhance synchronization.

For now, I simply used a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook. There are four sheets covering general specs, as well as, smoker, indirect fire, and breacher attributes. The final version will likely include a pdf doc for easier printing. For more information, refer to the "Readme.txt" included in the zip file.

12 Oct 03, 16:37
Excellent!!! :surprise: Great job. Just what I was looking for.

John Osborne
12 Oct 03, 20:46
Not trying to be pickey. But could the datasheet be broken down by Friendley and Enemy units?

Red 6