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28 Feb 06, 13:38
I have only made a couple moves in PBEM so I am a newbie at that and strategy. I have played against the AI but it's nothing like a real opponent. Anyway, I would like to play a short scenario (for now) of Bulge'44,Smolensk, Kursk, First Blitzkrieg ( although this game I have only tinkered with). Let me know!!

Chuck McAllister

28 Feb 06, 13:43
How about one from Kursk with default optional rules?

I tried to PM you, but it seems I can't for some reason. Do you have private messaging disabled?

28 Feb 06, 13:48
Ah, there we go. PM sent!

28 Feb 06, 15:11
I have PM enabled ...I tried to PM you but it said you have too many messages. A game from Kursk sounds good!

28 Feb 06, 15:15
OK, I deleted a bunch of old messages. :)

You did get my PM containing my emaill address, didn't you? If not, lemme know and I'll resend.

28 Feb 06, 19:04
Nope it didn't come through..resend it.

28 Feb 06, 21:37

Oh yeah, don't forget to join the ladder. That way when you win, you can log your victory. :) Here's a link:


04 Mar 06, 13:29
Sent you an email the other day. Did you get it?

08 Mar 06, 22:42
I've sent several emails and PBEMs over the past week, and nothing I send seems to go through. I think I'm going to give up on this deal. Hopefully somebody else will be along to play you. No hard feelings. :)

08 Mar 06, 23:07
I'll give it a go in a Bulge scenario if you can pick a small one. Send an email to nelmsm(at)earth(dash)comm(dot)com