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26 Feb 06, 09:40

I'm looking to form a pool of testers to try some new ideas with the Napoleonic engine. It primarily focuses on the ZOC problem, the ease of eliminating forces, and the resulting tactics that come from that. The angle that will be initially taken will be to reduce the number of movement points available to each unit during a turn. I'll get the play testers to play some scenarios this way and we'll see how it goes. Adjustments will be made accordingly. If we can't get a satisfactory result from this then we'll examine potential engine changes to address it. However, keep this in mind, an engine change is not the ultimate goal here, but rather a better flow of the game, buy the best means possible.

This testing will use either the Eckmuhl or Waterloo engines, or both depending on the amount of response I get to this.

It's required that you create a second install of the selected game to do this testing. This is non-negotionable...I can't have version issues to deal with here. I will walk you through doing this if need be, but it is a must.

And finally, we'll need you to be able to have a good turn around rate so that testing can move forward at a good pace. The goal here is to get the results within a couple of months so appropriate changes can be made. If you can only do one turn a week, then this assignment isn't for you.

Please direct all inquires and sign ups to me at Rich at hist-sdc.com


26 Feb 06, 09:48
Rich I'm at work right now so I can't email you directly but count me in.

Sol Invictus
26 Feb 06, 11:30
I'm afraid that I wouldn't have the time to commit to active testing, however I have two suggestions for any engine changes but they might be more substantial than you are considering.

The first is with Infantry forming Square. Would it be possible to allow an Infantry unit the chance to automaticly form Square when charged by Cavalry, based on unit quality, disruption, and distance of the charge. With a turn based game, it doesn't seem right that the non-phasing player's Infantry has no chance to prepare to receive a Cavalry charge.

Secondly, Skirmishers should be able to fire at advancing enemy formations and then get a chance to retreat. I really don't like the way that Skirmishers now simply hold their ground in the face of advancing enemy formations. This is again a result of the turn-based system. As it stands, Skirmishers really don't behave like Skirmishers should and did.

If these two changes were made, I think the game would reflect the Napoleonic battlefield much more appropriately. I hope that you consider these changes and that they are not a major code change. I really like these games and am glad that you are continuing to evolve them.