View Full Version : BCT/ATF Section Update.

06 Oct 03, 21:47
Just wanted to give you all an update. Scully has been hard at work collecting AAR's and other material from the forums which are being converted to HTML pages and added to the official BCT/ATF AAR, and articles collection! The NEW & Improved BCT/ATF HQ page is also in the works...

With the great Modding and Scenario community we are lucky to have here, and with the articles of interest, reviews, AAR's, links, and a few suprises we plan to provide; we are sure WarfareHQ will be the resource of choice for BCT/ATF fans.

Submissions are welcome from all! If you have an article you would like to submit contact Scully Scully@warfarehq.com or myself at NORAD@warfarehq.com.

We appreciate your participation and support in building the ATF community! We are looking forward to bringing you great things!

Best regards,