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24 Feb 06, 22:53
Awfly quite around here...what is everyone up to? :smoke:

Gary McClellan
24 Feb 06, 22:59
About 6'1 245 lbs...

Oh, that's not what you want. :cheeky:

Anyway, been wanting to get back to my 1812 trivia questions, but can't think of any good ones offhand (doesn't help that my reading has been elsewhere of late)

I guess I could sit here and tell Bill's Secrets about what's coming... but then I'd get a bag of potatos with a bomb in it. :dead:

25 Feb 06, 21:25
I guess everybody is busy concocting the plan to win the first game in round 3 of our little tourney...:devil: You know, that kind of intense concentration that shuts out all extraneous interference.

I doubt if we had naked women wearing only the bearskins of the Old Guard dancing in front of these wargaming veterans they would look at them, such is the attention devoted to planing and execution.

... Well, some would look, but it would be to point out that that particular bearskin model wasn't issued until 1816 (on the 27th November 1816, to be precise), so it would be out of plance in a Waterloo setting such as the one used for our tourney.:laugh:


Jim Cobb
26 Feb 06, 11:16
My problem is not only reviewing a deep game, The Star and the Crescent, but a glut of good new games:

Birth of America
GalCiv II
EE II add-on.

And then HPS makes it worse by releasing Stalingrad and the TFB patch:crosseye: :crosseye: :crosseye: !!!

I mean, whaddya want from me?

26 Feb 06, 11:34
What do you think of birth of america so far bismark?

I'm not looking for any kind of review per se, just a simple "I like it a lot, I like it, I don't like it, I hate it" type answer if you could. I've read some impressions from some that have the game so far, but I'm looking for a view from a more impartial observer.

Jim Cobb
26 Feb 06, 11:49
I like it so far; am still working on the tutorial. I still have questions that will be answered during real play. The system reminds me a bit of 1848. See my preview of that on ACG.

26 Feb 06, 12:24
Thankee for the quick reply...

I read the 1848 preview, so I think I will head out and order boa. :)

26 Feb 06, 15:04

What, do you need to sleep or something? :eek: I expect nothing less than 7 x 24 commitment and constant output from you soldier! :cheeky:

Jim Cobb
26 Feb 06, 15:08
Wargaming hath murdered sleep.

Sol Invictus
26 Feb 06, 17:15
It is true, there are just to many good war/stategy games out now. I have some I got for Christmas I have not yet touched. I also haven't play Campaign Waterloo as much as I would have liked. I'm currently playing several pbem games of Prussia's Glory and About to start a game of TFB. At some point, I really need to start some pbem games of Campaign Waterloo. On top of all of this, Birth of America shows up.:love: